Democrats Starting to Fear 2020 Loss on Immigration Issue

More than any other issue, immigration is going to put President Trump back in the White House just as it gave him the GOP nomination in 2016.

ZH: House Democrats Acknowledge Border Crisis; Blame Trump
Speaking from a Leesburg, Virginia Democratic party meeting on Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said bipartisan immigration reform is still the solution - and in fact, "inevitable." Pelosi insisted "I'm not giving up on the president on this," adding "I still say to him, 'We've got to have comprehensive immigration reform'."

Translation; Bernie Sanders just said he's opposed to open borders which would cause an influx of migrants, so Pelosi - who has vehemently opposed every Trump border security policy since day one - now wants to appear as if she cares about stopping unchecked migration.

..."But the administration has responsibility in all these areas. And we can appropriate funding and we can pass legislation but ultimately they are responsible for executing the immigration laws in this country," said Cicilline.

On Sunday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) pushed back against claims that he supports open borders, and said that worldwide poverty would cause an influx of migrants to the broder if that system were in place, according to Politico.

"What we need is comprehensive immigration reform,” said Sanders. "If you open the borders, my God, there's a lot of poverty in this world, and you're going to have people from all over the world. And I don't think that's something that we can do at this point. Can't do it. So that is not my position.”

And now it's Pelosi's too, except it's Trump's fault of course.
This narrative is going to fail with the general public. The fools who believed Russia collusion will parrot these talking points, but independents won't buy it. Democrats were out protesting President Trump's attempts to stabilize the border. They have supported and cheered judges who overstepped their authority and limited the President's ability to control the border, a clear power held by the executive based on that branch's responsibility for national security.

Anyone who isn't completely blinded by ideology or politics knows that most of the asylum claims are bullshit. People aren't fleeing a war zone, they are fleeing poverty. They see Democrats and even many Republican lawmakers giving welfare, free healthcare and free college educations to illegal aliens. Even Americans do not receive in-state tuition if they live out of state, but illegal aliens who are on welfare and living in a state can receive free tuition.

America already has defacto open borders because as long as you make it here, illegally or by overstaying a visa, it is very easy to avoid deportation. Make up false asylum claims and it could be years before your case is heard. By then you might have American born children and can use those anchor-babies to avoid deportation forever. Many Republicans oppose their own base on immigration and have tried to boost immigration. Much of the Democrat base is also in favor of immigration restrictions.

If Democrats and Republicans are serious about getting control over the border, they will support mass deportation of illegal aliens from the United States. Anyone who transits a third country with a U.S. embassy and does not make an asylum claim in that third county, is immediately deported. This will end the crisis because the number of asylum seekers will collapse. The number of people attempting illegal crossings will collapse.

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