Invest In A Trust for Only 100 Yuan

This story doesn't represent the market situation for trusts, rather the Wild West atmosphere that sometimes bubbles to the surface in China. A website in China offers to let investors buy into trusts for as little as 100 yuan, well below the 1,000,000 yuan minimum that most trusts require. The firm pools the money and then invests at the required minimum with a trust company. The trust companies have all distanced themselves from the firm. It's unclear how much money the firm has raised, but it sounds like it could be shut down shortly, particularly since the the most recent shadow banking regulations specifically targeted investment pools.

Secret: one hundred yuan to buy the trust is it for real?
Recently, a company called 100 Trust website attracted attention, this site claims that investors need only 100 dollars, you can buy the original threshold of up to one million of trust products. One hundred yuan to buy the trust, what fly do not fly it?

100 on the official website of the Trust, "100 yuan to vote", the words "Trust is the balance of treasure" abnormal eye-catching website description also lists several advantages of high yield, low risk, high flexibility, low threshold, etc. Select Trust 100 platform offerings, the expected annual rate of return as high as 8% to 12%, the investment threshold as low as 100 yuan each, and simple procedures.

Trust 100 Website Customer Service Representative: You just register as our member, to indicate when you can enjoy the relatively satisfactory products on our website above, and then invest on it.

As of April 14, 100 in the Trust website home page, showing the four raise investment trust products, the amount ranging from one million to two million, three finished products have been raised, leaving a product, 1000000 The amount in five days, has raised more than 900,000 in proceeds of the recording site, there are more than 100 investors, the minimum investment amount $ 100, maximum of $ 100,000. Trust Service 100 website said they signed with investors through the website agency Investment Agreement, signed a subscription agreement with the issue of trust trust products, but this agreement in their mouth, and did not show on the website, this customer service staff explained only spent the money to see the agreement.

Trust 100 customer service: to the time after you purchase is successful, we will put the contract payment to your personal account allows you to view, if no investment is temporarily not open.

So these trust products distribution company, and whether this cooperation Trust 100 sites of it, reporter then contacted several trust companies, they both said that sales activity did not trust 100 authorized and recognized.

Thailand Trust Co., Ltd. Product Manager Mr. Wang: We have looked for it, it does not withdraw what can I do? We will soon have a public statement, which is illegal, we do not make it illegal to do this thing, it does not commissioned sales in this area.

Aviation Trust Co., Ltd. Wu: our side there is no cooperation with the Trust 100 this site, and then we had just a moment to negotiate with this site, we ask them to withdraw the product as soon as possible.

Sichuan Trust Co. Schilling: You say the starting point of our starting point here is one million hundred trusts, also seen on other financial sites before us, but this has nothing to do with us here.

Trust in raising products 100 sites listed, has been associated with trust in his official website announcement, pointing out unauthorized collection of personal finance site for individual funds, mob subscription products, has violated the CBRC program management of the trust prescribed way to remind investors not to participate. The company said there could be held accountable Trust 100 sites.

Aviation Trust Co., Ltd. Wu: We do not know how else they would hang up, and find many of the Trust's products are at the top, we really do not have any cooperation with this website, we are here also to inform them revoked, Otherwise we will prosecute them here.

Syndicates buy Trust: financial innovation or financial irregularities

Trust disassociate themselves with the Trust have 100 sites, repeatedly stressed that their products are in the threshold of one million or more. This threshold is the CBRC 2009 release of "Trust Capital Trust scheme management approach" setting. The Trust 100 by public subscription method, the threshold is lowered to 100 yuan, layman's terms, is buying syndicates Trust website operator believes that this is not illegal, but also reduces the risk.

Trust 100 site founder Fu Jia want: We did a split, we do this transaction structure from legal compliance standpoint we do, from the body is involved in the protection we have done, if we return to legislative intent, In fact, we further reduce the risk.

Fu Jia described by desire, trust 100 sites are gathered together the money to everyone, after reaching one million threshold, then a single identity to purchase trust products enable ordinary people to enjoy high-income trust products, there is no violation. But experts believe that this is only superficial.

Financial commentator Ye Tan: She raised all the way through the collection to 1,000,000 scale, go and trust companies to form a single contract, this is a great trust law for destruction.

Currently, the collection belongs to the private nature of trust in our country, is not open to the public, to ensure that holders of trust products have a high risk tolerance. If the access threshold is too low, the number of participants too, will deviate from the original intention to establish trust products.

Experts governing China Trust Industry Association Li Xianming: According to our understanding of the situation, trust itself is unaware of this situation, there is no authorization. So it hit a trust 100 banner, sell trust products, is its own unauthorized conduct of operations.

There is no basis for a legally authorized nor approved by regulatory agencies engaged in this activity it. At least from the perspective of the CBRC, we understand not approved it engaged in this activity, so that it trusts 100 itself this approach is flawed, it is worth questioning.

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