China Makes Nuclear Deal, Moves Ahead in Quantum Computing

From August: China Takes Nuclear Crown

This week: China, Argentina Agree on Work for New Nuclear Power Plants
Chinese and Argentine leaders on Wednesday signed a batch of agreements, including collaboration on two new nuclear power plants, as Beijing is strengthening its relations with the South American country.

Caixin: In China, Quantum Communications Comes of Age
This may be a quantum leap year for an initiative that accelerates data transfers close to the speed of light with no hacking threats through so-called quantum communications technology.

Within months, China plans to open the world's longest quantum communications network, a 2,000 kilometer electronic highway linking government offices in the cities of Beijing and Shanghai.

Meanwhile, the country's space scientists are preparing a communications satellite for a 2016 launch that would be a first step toward building a quantum communications network in the sky. It's hoped this and other satellites can be used to overcome technical hurdles, such as distance restrictions, facing land-based systems.

Physicists around the world have spent years working on quantum communications technology. But if all goes as planned, China would be the first country to put a quantum communications satellite in orbit, said Wang Jianyu, deputy director of the China Academy of Science's (CAS) Shanghai branch.

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