Peak Demographics? Slowing Economy? Protest Victory? Currency War? Mainland Tourists Avoid HK

Hong Kongers have been protesting against Mainland tourists for years now and maybe it finally has made a dent.

Number of mainland visitors to Hong Kong falls for ‘first time since handover’
Immigration Department figures showed that 675,155 mainlanders entered Hong Kong during the five days from Wednesday to Sunday, down 0.16 per cent from last year.

By contrast, the 676,297 mainlanders who visited Hong Kong in the same period last year represented a 13.7 per cent jump from 594,302 in 2013.

The latest figures have shocked experts in the retail and tourism industries, who attributed the decline to a recent spate of protests against mainland visitors. They also said many mainlanders now prefer Japan and Europe because currencies in those countries have been weak compared to the yuan.

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