Beijing Housing Inventory Climbs

Developers in Beijing are hoping for policy easing as inventories rise, but they also believe the weak February sales will be followed by a March rebound and a full blown recovery in April.

According to official figures, inventory is at its lowest since September 2014, but if other forms of housing are included, inventory climbs from 81,000 units to more than 100,000.
Beijing Municipal Construction Committee data show that as of March 17, Beijing Forward House can be sold and existing homes have not signed for a total of 81,114 housing units. Beijing, said Zhang Dawei, research director of the Central Plains, 81000 sets of inventory is the lowest since September 2014's.

However, if the market in the sale of a number of commercial products (apartment, loft), etc. are included, according to Asian high figures show that Beijing's new Jukebox stock (have not signed licensing does not include commercial and affordable housing ) up to 108,265 units, with a total area of ​​over 13.2 million square meters.

From this figure, the Beijing property market to the stock pressure is not small, which is the largest inventory of Tongzhou District (over 19,000 units), and the second is the Daxing District (over 17,000 units), Fangshan District has more than 12,000 sets.
Bifurcation is taking place within the cities as well as between them, with the city center holding its value as outer suburbs pull the averages lower. Those high inventory figures are all outside of the city center.

As for the March April period, with the industry trumpeting the anticipated rebound in the press, it will mark the turn for the market one way or another. If it comes as expected, the market should at least stabilize. If prices and sales are weak, another leg of the property bear market will begin.

iFeng: 北京住宅库存超8万套压力大 房企盼政策松绑

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