Palau Moves to Limit Chinese Tourism

It's a numbers game. Although population is declining worldwide outside of Africa and a few other spots, the development of China and India plus that African growth will eventually lead nations to put tighter restrictions on population movement.

Chinese tourist invasion transforms remote Palau… and not everyone is happy
The Palau government is exploring ways to try to stem the tide of Chinese tourists to the western Pacific Ocean archipelago and this week said the number of charter flights from China would be halved next month.

President Tommy Remengesau said the move was not intended to discriminate against any nationality but was to prevent tourism from becoming too reliant on one market.

“Do we want to control growth or do we want growth to control us?” he asked reporters. “It will be irresponsible for me as a leader if this trend continues. I am not only looking at the present but, as a leader, I am looking after tomorrow.”

But the number of hotels, restaurants and guides in Palau now catering for a Chinese market would suggest that citizens of the world’s second-largest economy are likely to keep coming.

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