Xi Jinping's 35 Year Plan

Xi Has Vision to Guide Party to 2049
In 2014, the party set "rule of law" as the primary topic of a plenary session for the first time. This was a difficult decision because the rule of law represents a dilemma for the party: while it would constrain the party's power, unchecked power would, in turn, hurt the party itself. The party finally decided to adopt the strategy of rule by the constitution or "Chinese constitutionalism."

Judicial reforms have also showed promising signs. To limit the influence of local governments on their courts, the party has assigned the salary management of judicial employees to provincial governments. The supreme court's decision to set up circuit courts further breaks the intertwinement between local governments and local courts.

By 2020, two years before his tenure ends, Xi aims to have finished 360 multi-sectoral reform programs that will lay the institutional foundation for the next 30 years of party rule to 2049. This grand design reveals Xi as more of a far-sighted reformer than a politician satisfied with the temporary ease and support of his position.

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