Myanmar MiG Bombs China By Mistake, One Week Later Myanmar Shells China By Mistake

Myanmar forces strike Chinese villages by mistake
Shantouzhai village in Yunnan province in southwestern China was accidentally bombed by a MiG-29 fighter of the Myanmar Air Force in the conflict between government forces and Kokang rebels near the Chinese border, China's Global Times reported on March 8. Nobody was injured.

A villager told the paper, "We knew that the aircraft were flying over to bomb the National Democratic Alliance Army, and nearly all of us went out from our houses to watch the fighting."

Myanmar Troops Shell Hills Near China Border
Chinese troops are on high alert after Myanmar forces shelled the hills along the countries shared border, killing four people and leaving several others injured.

The shelling cames as clashes between Myanmar’s military and ethnic Chinese rebels continued in the northern area of the Kokang special region.

Kokang spokesperson Htun Myat Lin told VOA Burmese that stray shells from a Myanmar airstrike killed four Chinese villagers and wounded nine others Friday.

Myanmar also makes mistakes inside the country. From Nov 2014: Deadly Myanmar shell 'mistakenly hit' Kachin rebels
The Myanmar army has denied it deliberately targeted a Kachin rebel camp in a mortar attack that killed 23 people.

The shell had been intended as a warning shot and was not aimed directly at the rebels, Kachin State's security minister, Col Than Aung, said.

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