Liu Junluo: The Fed's Rate Hike Lies Will Cause Another Great Depression

An antidote to the smart China, dumb Federal Reserve narrative commonly found in the West, here Liu Junluo again attacks the Chinese elites, specifically the economists who this time are dubbed swindlers. China's adoption of modern Western finance has helped the country develop, but according to Liu, China is playing on Western turf and the outcome will be another victory for Western powers.

Liu Junluo, February 2: "The Federal Reserve will hike interest rates in 2015" is a globe enchanting lie. Only a few economists agree with me, such as Krugman and Summers.

Now, why do the Chinese continue to discuss a rate hike in April, June or September?

In 2007, I argued the Fed rate cuts would trigger deflation because the U.S. money supply was being boosted by the yen carry trade. Very quickly, the world went into a depression. Chinese economists mocked me, but the result was indeed a depression in 2008.

The Fed's current strategy is like the Normandy invasion, when the best minds of the U.S. and Britain concocted a false strategy to fool the Germans. They went so far as to lie to their own spies and allow them to be captured, in order to sell the lie. Now Chinese economists are intimate partners in the Fed's deception.

The Fed is covering up the coming depression. U.S. dollar index at 100 + global depression = China's FX reserves invested in Europe, Japan, Australia and oil assets all suffer huge losses + global debt settlement crisis = China's economy and society will descend into hell overnight.

Today, few understand that austerity + loose monetary policy = U.S. dollar index at 100 + global debt crisis.

By the end of February, the USD Index will be 98, then in March to April it will rapidly increase, and by June, it will peak at 120. In April or May, Chinese economists will again give advice after the horse has left the barn, telling us a global depression has begun, the Fed will not raise rates, but instead launch QE4.

USD Index 100 + Global Debt Crisis = USD Index 120. A modern financial nuclear weapon.

Today, China is being extremely cheated by Chinese economists. The Chinese people's national disaster, or the fixed feature of Chinese history is that we learn foreign advanced technology, but found that those who control these advanced technologies and manage the nation are swindlers. These crooks seize these advanced technologies and play tricks on the people. But whites are playing tricks on those controlling the advanced technology.

The late Ming Dynasty, the late Qing Dynasty is this scene. China again goes back.

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