Middle Class Housing Shortage In Beijing?

Due to building low cost public housing and high cost land auctions for luxury developments, middle class housing supply may be too low to meet market demand. The situation is more acute when looking at homes ready to live in, since the area around new homes may lack key infrastructure such as schools.

One office worker quoted said, "We can't afford luxury, we can't win the lottery for public housing, and we don't want to live too far away, so what can we buy?"

On the left is home size by square meters, starting with below 50 sqm. Next is the number of homes, followed by the total area, and finally the share of total inventory on the right.

iFeng: 北京中产纠结换房路:豪宅买不起 刚需供应少

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Statistics, turnover of the last two years of residential land, after conversion only serves about 4.5 million homes; residential land prices promote high-end, just be real, just change the housing supply reduction, buyers have a choice problem

"We, ordinary office workers, can not afford luxury, from the housing either too hot or too far shake not the numbers do not want to buy, we can buy what?" In a company's small white-collar Liu Miao sigh.

Recently, as anxious office workers like Liu are many. In this regard, Guo Yi, director of marketing Ya Ho agency said, "the last two years Beijing land auction prices, coupled with the construction of public rental, owner-occupied housing and other costs, the future Beijing will have a number of high-end residential, this is an indisputable facts. "

The new high-end market project to improve the prevailing

June new disc may exacerbate concerns about the same as Liu Miao office workers: just be real, just do not have much room to change.

According to Asian high statistics show that in June, plans to enter the market of the 20 projects, in addition to Shenggu Fitch Park, Shun Xin · Lan Mountain impression, Kapha international contemporary Beichen COCOMOMA four projects launched about 60 square meters small size products , the first open Poly Xi Yue Cheng County, Wah Fu Begonia, the Sea King Xi mansion, MassMutual Hee Hyatt Washington, Miyun Oak Bay Resources launched less than 90 square meters with two bedrooms product outside, there are some red Ting Villa, Pegasus Park , Beijing Olympic Garden, Royal Park, streams gracefully · still with other large size products.

Recently, the price of luxury items are also frequently refreshed with buyers cognition. Located in Germany's Peking House Avenue project, although there is no market, but the project Each value of the yuan, equivalent to the unit price exceed $ 200,000.

One after another. Just last week, market sources said, on the 8th Hopson Xiaoyun Road, Building D5 top intends to launch air courtyard of nearly 1000 square meters, from 360,000 yuan / square meter, up 50 yuan / square meter.

In fact, since late last year, Beijing will speed up high-end residential market, the total insurance 利海德 Park, Willow College, Asia Standard International, nearly 10 net new disc mansion play. According to incomplete statistics, 2015 - The 2016 Beijing expected the listing to sell the project, 100,000 yuan / square meters of luxury residential project close to the 15, plus the old stock is currently selling about 10 items, Price luxury items total more than $ 100,000 over 25.

In addition to self-housing, just to be, just change can it be?

In fact, the land supply will shrink even more profound impact on the housing supply.

According to Centaline Property data show that in April 2013 --2015 April total supply included Beijing residential land plots 113, total construction area of ​​20.46 million square meters. Of which only 13.5 million square meters of residential land, and there are about 8 million square meters of housing and various types of affordable housing since. So, in fact the last two years Beijing residential land for real estate should be about 5.5 million square meters, after conversion of only about 45,000 units, enough to digest Beijing year history knockdown worst.

Meanwhile, agency statistics show that in 2014 Beijing residential class floor price up to 145.57 million yuan / square meter, an increase of 50.53%. The industry opinion, based on 2014 land deal volume has shrunk dramatically and the performance of the sharp rise in prices over the next two years, housing prices in Beijing or will rise further.

In the case of high-end residential rushed into the market, reducing the supply of residential land, which just need to race, just to change the family at the time of purchase adds new problems. In addition to owner-occupied housing, but just to be there and just change what buyers choose?

"I now live in Tongzhou, want to change in the same area where a total of 400 million yuan of three-bedroom second-hand housing, family too old;.. Houses, the core area of ​​Tongzhou heard little alternative now even liqeni improved products sold almost 40,000 yuan / square meter, but not the surrounding supporting complete. I visit there a few months, I feel, and when a few years ago to buy two-bedroom, now available optional just, just change the product becomes less and less. I have which areas and items to select? "Schilling currently intend to represent wards.

Optional outer suburbs just need to race along the track listing

According to data provided by the Asian high, the current property market in Beijing commercial housing stock 80,550 sets, the area of ​​50-90 square meters of housing a total of 26,494 units, accounting for 32.89 percent of the overall inventory.

"Beijing is just the required items are located in Fangshan, Tongzhou, even Miyun, Pinggu this suburban districts and counties, like the previous two years Daxing Temple hospital just need to focus on heavy volume of project area, the project is currently in the sale of only a handful." Ya Ho Guo Yi, director of marketing agency representation.

Insiders said that after 2014 just need customer base is since the housing seize, demand in some extent by overdraft in advance, just to be projects continue to face from the housing and with regional competing products pressure this year, it will continue parity run the amount of the policy .

At the same time, new entrants suburbs many projects, only in June Miyun County is expected to have three projects into the market, Shunyi District will also have four projects into the market. They are also relatively cautious on offer. For example, China Resources Oak Bay is located in Miyun, quoted at 16,000 yuan / square meter, the same as last year when the stock market. "On the other hand from the stock characteristics, the current Beijing commercial housing stock has nearly 80% in the suburbs, which makes the project suburbs have parity push plate." Guo Yi represents.

Although Beijing high-end property market trend is obvious, but now just need buyers still room for choice. Currently Fangshan, Tongzhou District near Lake equidistant areas still have a lot of items to choose from.

"Fangshan buyers can consider along the track, along the 15th and Shunyi Shunyi District and other regions, these regions can now find the unit price of about 20,000 yuan, in line with the needs of buyers just need a small apartment houses." Guo Yi introduction.

Rigid family Dongba Yizhuang Mentougou more real estate options

From the data is easy to see, 90-120 square meters of commercial housing stock is currently 16,814 units, accounting for 20.87 percent of the overall inventory. 120-150 square meters of inventory of 9991 units, accounting for 12.40%.

"From last year's 'September 30' to this year's '3.30', are mobilizing to improve the type of home buyers into the market enthusiasm. Improve the type of real estate developers and push new products into the focal point." Guo Yi introduction.

In the industry view, wards family because there is no urgent housing needs, so they pay more attention when upgrading home comfort of living, while the old part of the design of the secondary housing has been unable to meet their needs, and therefore more demand will improve fought new home market, prompting new home transactions under the driving force to improve the type of products and continue to maintain a steady recovery trend. Such as the recent selling first country wind Metron, Taihe · pickup Garden, urban construction and other projects Kun Ting belong to this type of project.

Beijing is to improve the type of projects and more concentrated near the rings and six rings. To improve the type of buyers, Dongba, Yizhuang Hexi District, Mentougou and other areas have improved the relative concentration of products to choose from.

■ buyers Story

Middle-class families tangled wards Road

Mr. wards full of the idea, is the child's first birthday after initiation.

Like most in the city's white-collar workers work hard, like Mr full after 70, well educated, in the unit to achieve management, family and career are in the rise, and rise, often the biggest time pressure.

Before the marriage, Mr. and wife each have a full property. After the marriage, the family lived in the full set of Mr. Ring is located in the south of the house more than 80 square meters, located in the southeast tricyclic another set of 60 square meters of the house is for rent. Because the couple are busy, father-in-law to take care of his granddaughter, three generations of five, more than 80 square meters of houses, it is cramped.

Thus, the couple began to discuss wards. First consideration, of course, is money. Two houses are sold, plus savings, down payment can conspire to 6 million yuan. The couple's annual income of around 50 million, but the pressure, parental pressure in the face, do not expect too much for the month, almost one million loans.

In addition to the budget, the couple claim for a new house there are several aspects: at least a three-bedroom, three generations living under one roof to meet demand; if you can make four-bedroom, one study room, nature is the best. Supporting education, the child immediately to kindergarten, kindergarten to be close to home and do not want their children to boarding primary school, so there is a good education facilities are also nearby the family of "just be." Position, naturally do not want to be too remote and away the best rail transit within 1 km.

From the beginning of this year in April, while the couple hung out to sell the old house, while beginning the search, critically trip. The thought that the budget has been relatively adequate, the results looked around, it appears that in line with expectations of new homes in the outer rings. They first went to a new disc is located Yizhuang, 170 square meters of the hardcover house, four-bedroom, good residential environment, housing also installed a new ventilation system, temperature and humidity. Couple of new homes quite tempted, but the elderly are strongly disagreed, "next to all the wasteland, you buy it to live, we do not."

A man went to a low-density "town" nearby, project planning is very good, there are commercial street design, but the essence was not supporting the presence, the most important educational resources are not, then give up.

Recommended by a colleague, Mr. went to a full opening of the project just Tongzhou Lake, stacked villas, wife promising a 200 m2 duplex, but fill this position Mr. Quedui not satisfied, "traffic is not convenient, it seems near Nothing. thermocline is a problem, looks beautiful, but in real life, the elderly and children is very convenient. "

"I do not intend to visit the outer rings, matching needs to be improved to say, every day and go to work too far away, too hard. Encountered limited number, or overtime entertainment, and from too inconvenient." Then, last weekend He went to the plate looked toward the green a few second-hand housing. And several cells adjacent Chaoyang Joy, feeling too full Mr. noisy, high density, and the crowd more complicated. "On one of the windows are close to home economics, hosting classes, foot."

A recently favored, is an upscale community near Yaojiayuan Road Phase II, although second-hand housing, but rough, not lived. 140 square meters, 44,000 yuan / square meter. House, residential are good, though far from the subway point, but traffic is barely acceptable, may only district an international kindergarten, six or seven thousand dollars a month in child care fees, no ideal primary school nearby.

"Well, it is not, buy a little old second-hand housing in the East side? After all accounts in the East, after the children go to school, no problem can be, after all, we are still young, want to take into account the quality of life ......" Mr. Man still entangled.

■ voice of experience

Buy "school room" as early as possible

"These days everyone is talking about" tiger mother cat dad. "Far buy school district, we are more than 'tiger mother' also tiger." Who lives in Fengtai, 1-year-old daughter of Mr. Qu said 9 months.

More than two years ago, when his wife was pregnant a few months, they began to consider their children to go to school problems later Haidian.

Mr. Qu said, beginning his own fancy is a new market Haidian Rd residence nearby estate, pay a deposit to grab a purchase quota. "But because it is the reason 'school district', attracting a lot of family relationship, and finally purchase the top places were quietly dropped." Later, he and his wife had no choice but to find new suitable housing separately. "We also considered the Zhongguancun three small nearby community, but there is a majority to move back room, the area, the quality of the environment is not very good, the price is more than 100,000 yuan / square meter, more than we can afford. 2013 We chose this Code Xizhimen this small apartment homes, is to be able to enter his daughter after dicing of this Code of primary school. "Mr. Qu said at the time that the house price is 50,000 yuan / square meter, for a total cost of 3.1 million Yuan. West was put together to fight the West Minato seventy percent down payment. There are around 15,000 yuan per month for the month and loans, equivalent to two-thirds of total household income, the pressure is very great, thanks to their parents after the child was born on the economy is giving some support.

Do not miss the "friendship price" listing

To work in Beijing has eight years Liang, from the beginning of last year, every month to find their own housing in the East Fifth Ring surrounding marriage.

Liang said the end of last year, often near the camp is close to the average price of 30,000 yuan RATES / square meter. Chang Ying AD, Wanxiangxintian pixels, the Berlin Philharmonic and other communities, whenever a suitable housing agency will call him, 80-100 square meters large with two bedrooms, a small three-bedroom, have more than 300 million . He felt Liang will encounter more cost-effective. "Last December, my cousin told me excitedly, his colleagues plan to sell a unit wife Wanxiangxintian room, there EON substitution of one school district housing .80 square meters of houses to sell 3.1 million yuan, but also Friends say the most expensive 50,000. Well, in my consideration of three days, the house was bought by others. "

"Or can not be picky, they meet the conditions I set that rings outside, subway, ninety eight square meters, more than 300 million, I'll buy it." Liang said.

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