Poland Turns Right

Law and Justice won the presidency: Polish president concedes election defeat to conservative challenger
Komorowski had originally been seen as a shoo-in for another term in office, and his defeat reflected a desire among voters for new faces, and a sense that Poland's new-found prosperity was not being shared out equally.

The outgoing president, an ally of Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, announced he was conceding defeat after an exit poll showed he had won 47 percent to 53 percent for Duda. Official results have not yet been released.

"I respect your choice," Komorowski told a gathering of supporters. "I wish my challenger a successful presidency."

...It is close to the Catholic church, socially conservative, and markets see it as less business-friendly than the governing Civic Platform.
The president is not very powerful in the Polish government, but this could herald a power shift as parliamentary elections will follow in the fall.

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