Shanghai Residents Out Earn Beijingers In Stock Market; Steel Demand Down; 99.5% of Stocks Rise

In the first four months of 2015, Shanghai residents saw their stock holdings increase by an average of 156,400 yuan versus 80,200 yuan for Beijing residents. Zhejiang, Guangdong and Jiangsu were next at
36,900 yuan, 29,000 yuan and 18,400 yuan, respectively.

QQ: 前四月上海人均炒股获利15万 北京股民人均赚8万
data show that the first four months of this year rose 99.5%, 98.9% of the stock outperformed bank deposit annualized rate of return.

Specifically, the 2547 stocks, rose over 100% of the 397 stocks, accounting for 16%; 80% increase over 685 stocks, accounting for 27%; 70% of the stock rose over 883, accounting There rose over 60% of 1163 shares, accounting for 56%;; more than 35 percent increase over 50% of the shares up to 1465, accounting for 58%.

With the vast majority of stocks rising, investors who buy stocks with eyes closed can make money.

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