People's Daily Lists China's 7 Macro Targets

iFeng: 人民日报披露中国特色宏观经济调控七大目标(名单)
So far, China's macro-control form of the seven goals with Chinese characteristics: economic growth, price stability, control unemployment, balance of payments, fiscal balances, income growth and economic development synchronized, energy conservation.

The multi-target as an overall judgment on the basis of the macroeconomic situation, is conducive to enhancing strategic guidance. In seven goals, if only one target is not achieved, such as the economic growth rate down, while several other targets are within the normal operating range, you do not panic, fuss, do not ignore the various non-professional discussions from home and abroad. If an economy is likened to the ocean sailing ship, the macro-control is the helmsman, the need to maintain adequate psychological endurance and patience, but the need to maintain strategic concentration, and adhere to the "line stability Zhiyuan," the strategy, avoid quick to pedal to the metal , Jicha car and other practices.

Normal economy needs new macro-control targets "new version." Adapt and lead the new normal, the key is to seize the core objectives. How to adapt to the new normal economy, and further strengthen and improve macro-control, and improve macro-control target system, which is currently the focus of economists need to study. At the same time, we should also be short-term and long-term development plan of macro-control combine to make the former and the latter combination, convergence, matches, obedience and service to the latter. This is not only for China's macro-control and experience, but also need to adapt and lead the new norm.
I didn't see currency listed anywhere. Maybe that falls under price stability and balance of payments, maybe not. Maybe it can be a topic of various non-professional discussions.

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