Shenzhen Home Prices Rise 20% in Three Months, Some Beijing Developers Hiked 10-20%, Each New Project Opens 5% Higher

With Shenzhen new home prices going vertical over the past couple of months and first-tier cities generally enjoying a resurgence in prices, Beijing sellers are starting to become reluctant. The supply-demand equation is out of balance again, this time favoring sellers.
"We project the total of the opening on the launch of a building, less than 100 housing units, the price per square meter of the increase over the previous 300 yuan, market acceptance can be, and now new push has been basically sold out . "Beijing Fangshan District project marketing manager, told reporters.

In Fangshan area, for example, currently mainly initiative Erin Fangshan County, co-King Ling Feng, Newell Nga, Golden Longview and other projects, the regional average price of 25,000 yuan / square meter, compared with the beginning of the year in the sale of real estate, regional Most of the project within the price rose by 10% -20%.'

"The current housing prices does not appear substantial price adjustment phenomenon, but the second half of this year, frequent small price increase will become the norm in real estate sales, the price increase from the existing projects, the majority of real estate will be 5% each opening about rose slightly. "The marketing director of housing prices.
With prices taking off again, it's good to remember the starting level of home prices are already out of reach for most ordinary Chinese citizens, with first-tier cities barely experiencing a bump in the road in the past year.

Control has been lost. IT was never really there to begin with, but now the illusion is gone.

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