Frantic Flippers Cause Reservation Number Prices to Double in March

Last month news broke of Beijing residents lining up to transfer property at the registry of deeds (Transaction Tax Cut Spurs Bubble Activity in Beijing: ¥1000 For Reservation Number) and now the scalper's price for a reservation number has doubled from around 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan.
In early March, the real estate registration center in the Chaoyang District, Beiqing Bao reporter learned that number here queued from 6am began. Basically every morning can be discharged from the ranks of tens of meters long. Haidian District office center hall, in order to be able to successfully run the next day on the transfer, members of the public 19:00 to line up, and even the number of cattle began to sell at high prices. Members of the public who are not accomplishing several trips to reflect the transfer, but the traffickers called to tell him to pay 2000 yuan can be immediately after finishing.

...Taobao station, charge d'affaires "sunrise mortgage transfer reservation," the owner said, the number of transfer agent price of 1,500 yuan. Real Estate Registration online booking prompted, the system every Friday morning at 8 o'clock, the reservation number issued next week, currently No. 400 issued every working day a week, a total of 2000 number, expiry date.
Each district is taking measures to deal with the surge in registrations and cut the scalpers out. Haidian requires real name registration for a reservation number, Xicheng increased the number of people served each day, Shijingshan is using WeChat to let people reserve online.

iFeng: 北京不动产过户行情火爆 黄牛倒卖过户预约号

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