Social Security Funds to Enter Market

A trillion yuan in social security funds will begin to flow into investments this year, with 300 billion expected to hit the stock market.
Supporting policies and measures after According to "First Financial Daily" reported last August promulgated and implemented the "basic pension insurance fund investment management approach", the relevant departments have begun to develop the basic pension investment approach, the Department who has made ​​clear that, basically pension market operations will start within this year.

According to 2015 statistics bulletin pension insurance, the national pension fund last year, a total of 3.2 trillion total revenue, total expenditure 2.8 trillion, the cumulative balance of 3.98 trillion (including urban and rural residents and urban workers). Department who had said it expects the country may imputation for pension fund investments of about 2 trillion.

"First Financial Daily" correspondent from stakeholders at a Department who learned that due to the current pension overall level is not high, in fact, the basic pension insurance for urban workers, mainly in the prefecture-level cities, urban and rural residents in the basic old-age insurance fund major located in the county area. In the process of fund collection will be affected by many factors, this year is expected to imputation of funds for investment operations around more than one trillion yuan.

"Basic pension insurance fund investment management approach" investment, the upper limit of basic pension fund to invest in stocks was 30%, which means that within a year, which means that there will be a maximum of 300 billion pension into the stock market.
Target date for funds to start hitting the market is Q3:
For the industry concerned about the pension time to market, Yin Weimin said the pension investment operations will start this year. Market participants expect the fastest pensions will be fully open in the third quarter of this year, investment trust, and time to market may delegate investment starting point 3-6 months later.
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