Hangzhou Housing Market Suddenly Hot, Buyers Skew Young

Evidence of first-tier cooling continues, but the second-tier may still be heating up if Hangzhou has anything to say about it.

iFeng: 杭州楼市乍热:业主越来越年轻 业内人士买的多
[Last week of March (3.28 to 4.3) since the end of the month and the end of the opening increased impulse, Hangzhou contract volume 6222 new housing units, up 9.3%, the highest single-week record contract volume. The same week, the volume of Shenzhen in 600 sets. ]

[ "First-tier cities too risky, and regulatory policy has been introduced, a few core cities of the Yangtze River Delta natural choice for investment. At present, the stock market downturn, foreign investment is still uncertain, not many channels can invest real estate naturally become the first choice. "]

...Volume soared

Since 2008 after graduating from Hangzhou to work, Bing (a pseudonym) recalls, began in 2008 in Hangzhou housing prices all the way up, during 2010 and 2013 only affected by the policy twice a callback. "Income gains have not RATES fast start income is not stable, most worried about is the pressure to buy a house loan, and then buy a house has not been looked at house prices rose in Hangzhou, not cruel to buy a house before and now it is regret." Bing told "first Financial Daily" reporters.

Hangzhou transparent houses Institute of Statistics, in March 2016 in Hangzhou city's total turnover of 28012 new housing units, growth of 282.1 percent, 259.2 percent increase over last year; a total area of ​​2.876 million square meters turnover, the total amount of 45.31 billion yuan. Area, the amount of average monthly refresh the historical record.

..."My friends all around choice in Hangzhou and settled down, many of them may be home in Zhejiang, Anhui, some small town, Hangzhou compared to these cities are more competitive, so buy a house is a must do." Bing told reporter.

"First Financial Daily" correspondent met a limousine driver drops during field visits, the driver told reporters:. "I work in an Internet start-up companies, has bought a house in Hangzhou, Guangdong is my home before."

Most of Zhejiang, in addition to the properties just to be outside the house as well as investment properties.

"We have about 70,000 down payment, monthly rent is equivalent to a loan, it is suitable for investment demand." Paul one hundred million home official told reporters.

...Located near the subway station of Mei Weng Bao Qing morning one hundred million estate, the real estate is the main push of small and medium size units, amounting to about 300,000 yuan. The real estate and long-term apartment brand's future regional cooperation, will be hosting its own small apartment lease, rent levels increase.

"Total price of 1.5 million or more apartments would be more sensitive to some, the total price of the apartment is relatively moderate especially favored by investors. Two obvious situation in this round of the home, the first home buyers who increasingly early age, many just graduated young lovers also involved in the home. second, buy real estate industry particularly, this industry more receptive to buy a house itself is an investment concept. "the official told reporters.
As in the U.S., unless you absolutely must be in a top city, the quality of life is higher and cost of living far lower in smaller cities.

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