Shenzhen Cools: Registry No Longer Crowded, Listed Prices Drop

Beijing homebuyers were paying several thousand yuan this year to cut in line at the property registry: Frantic Flippers Cause Reservation Number Prices to Double in March, a phenomena that was repeated in other cities (to varying degrees based on local regulations governing the process). Shenzhen was also crowded as home buyers flooded the registry, but now there are no crowds. Additionally, one real estate agency says 70% of listings have fallen in price.

iFeng: 新政满月楼市观望居多 二手房七成下调报价
As the property market hot observe the most intuitive place, city real estate registration center has been playing the market "barometer" of the role. Reporters multiple days in the city center real estate registration office paper outlets found that, although use "deserted" to describe, but to apply for transfer mortgage business significantly reduced, compared with last year when the property market hot crowded situation, now people come to do the transfer don't need to squeeze in.

...In the second-hand housing market, according to the Shenzhen Centaline monitoring the property market after landing the New Deal, the secondary market basically just need customer satisfaction, the Central Plains Bacheng managers bearish market outlook 70% of owners lower asking price, short-term lack of strength in raising prices. Last week, most of the area still offer down. Luohu West offer down 3.4%, white sand ridge zone offer cumulative decline of 10.5%. In addition, some area offer has continued to decline in a few weeks. As Nantou Area has eight weeks down, the cumulative decline of 23.7%; Shekou area seven weeks down, the cumulative decline of 15.5%; building the Great Wall area for four weeks lowered offer, is down 21.3%; Longhua center for four weeks lowered , the cumulative drop of 10.4%; Futian central Area 3 consecutive weeks down, quotes fallen 8.5%.

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