New Home Prices Pop 0.9% in March, Only 8 Cities Decline

New home prices increased an average of 0.9% in March, and 2.9% year on year. NBS: 2016年3月份70个大中城市住宅销售价格变动情况

One stat I have been tracking is the effect of the top-tier cities and Xiamen. These 5 cities accounted for 50 percent or more of the national gain in recent months, but this month it tumbled to 31%. Xiamen had the lead with a 5.3% increase in new home prices, but Hefei climbed 4.6%; Nanjing 3.3%; several cities gained more than 1 percent such as Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Nanchang, Tianjin, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Wuhan and Shaoguan.

Shenzhen new home prices "only" gained 3.7% in March, but they're up 61.6% since last year. Next best was Shanghai at 25% and then Beijing at 16%.

Only 54 cities saw existing home prices rise and the top 5 cities still account for 44% of the total national gain of 0.8% in March. Existing home prices were up 3.7% yoy.

Hefei had the highest price increase going away, with a 9.3% advance in March. Beijing existing home prices climbed 6.3%; Shanghai 6.2%; Xiamen 4.9%; Shenzhen 4.7%; Guangzhou 3.5%.

April could be a much different story in the top-tier. Based on weekly data and anecdotes in the Chinese press, buyers sobered up quickly this month following the crackdown in P2P lending and the reintroduction of buying restrictions.

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