19th National Congress: Deleveraging Will Have No Negative Effect on GDP

Set your watches!

iFeng: 十九大发言人:确保去杠杆不对经济增长产生负面影响
Bloomberg News reporter:

My question is related to China's economy. China for influence in the world economy growing, while China is facing domestic and international environment is quite complex. The Chinese government is currently working at the same time maintaining a high economic growth rate, pushing deleveraging. My question is, What is your vision for the future of the Chinese economy? Which do you think is more preferred between economic growth and deleveraging? Whether deleveraging higher priority?
19th National Congress spokesman Tuo Zhen:

I would like to point out that you can not put deleveraging and steady growth in opposition. In the long term, the initiative to leverage helping to eliminate the potential risks affecting the stable and healthy economic development, and enhance the economic development and long-term tenacity. We adhere to the general tone of the work while maintaining stability, continue to implement the proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy, adhere to the supply-side structural reforms as the main line, a moderate expansion of aggregate demand, deleveraging and economic growth to create a good and stable macroeconomic environment . We insist on actively and steadily deleveraging, adhere to multi-pronged approach, a variety of measures of deleveraging, and properly handle the relationship between steady growth and deleveraging, to ensure that deleveraging does not adversely affect the economic growth. Currently, deleveraging has achieved initial results, no significant tightening effect on the economy.
There hasn't been much of an effect because China isn't deleveraging...

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