Socionomics Alert: The Domino Falls, Catalonia Declares Independence

After chickening out following the referendum, Catalonia's president turned the issue over to parliament. They have just declared independence.

Catalonian independence may be crushed by Spain, but we are one step closer to the collapse of nation states and A World of 1,000 Nations
Brazil is not in any danger of breaking up anytime soon – while the referendums in the three “separatist” provinces register overwhelming support for independence, turnout is very low, indicating that a majority are either opposed or at the very least don’t care all that much.

However, what is true today may no longer be true the case tomorrow, because the centrifugal forces that break nations apart are gathering strength at the global level.

Historical perspective: One of the strongest and most consistent geopolitical trends of the past 200 years has been an explosion in national entities.

We went from less than 50 polities in 1800 to around 200 today.

But it wasn’t always like this. I don’t know if anybody has quantified this precisely, but the number of states or state-like entities in the world must have constituted many thousands during the medieval and Early Modern periods.

Just the territories of the Holy Roman Empire at times accounted for more than a thousand!

...Consequently, under a liberal globalism that is true to its ideals, that is, one free of authoritarian coercion or Malthusian selection for big strong states, it appears that runaway national fragmentation is inevitable.

And these aren’t even the only trends militating against national consolidation.

1. Clever, high-functioning regions breaking away from stupid, corrupt regions. The classic example of this is, of course, Italy, where the 103 IQ, highly productive north has gotten increasingly fed up with the 93 IQ nepotistic, lackadaisical south.

2. The rediscovery of ancient local identities.

3. The globalist population replacement project.

4. The rise of alternate models of sovereignty.

5. It only takes one domino. New polities tend to emerge in waves – as Lenin pointed out, “There are decades where nothing happens, and weeks where decades happen.” This is unlikely to change in the future.
Buckle your seatbelts. The trend towards secession is driving downhill and Catalonia just stepped on the gas.

Financial markets aren't "buying" Catalonian independence yet, although European financial stocks are slipping. The rally in the U.S. dollar more a result of stronger 3Q GDP and the ECB's open-ended QE policy.

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