China Nationalizes Technology

Bloomberg: China Is Nationalizing Its Tech Sector
This quasi-nationalization applies to China's startup scene, too. One recent report found that 60 percent of Chinese unicorns have either direct or indirect investment from the BATs. China's venture-capital sector is dominated not by traditional tech dealmakers but by the state: There are more than 1,000 government-owned VC firms in China, controlling more than $750 billion.

All this has direct consequences for the trade dispute with the U.S. A recent research note from Natixis SA found that 70 percent of the products targeted by the Trump administration in its initial tariff list fall under the China Manufacturing 2025 initiative, which aims to support Chinese companies in 10 high-tech sectors, including robotics and biotechnology. If Beijing insists on protecting those industries -- as it gives every indication of doing -- significant progress on trade talks seems unlikely.
If the world economy is now global, China is a monopolist. Why would any nation with anti-monopoly and anti-trust laws allow a monopolist into their economy?

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