One Belt, One Road, Third World

Caixin: Veteran China Banker Warns of 'Belt and Road' Risks
* Li Ruogu notes that many countries involved with the 'Belt and Road' initiative have high debts and low credit ratings

* Li points out that many of the countries hold “limited” attraction for foreign investors due to a lack of preferential policies in areas such as foreign exchange and taxes

The former head of one of China’s main lenders for projects related to the "Belt and Road" initiative issued a rare warning about the dangers of investing in many countries involved in the program.
The Marshall Plan rebuilt industrialized first-world nations. China's plan is not a Marshall Plan, it is more akin to colonialism without the political control (they'll never colonize Muslim central Asia).

OBOR arose because there is a lack of global growth, including slowing growth in China. It is desperation from an economic system reaching the end of its life-cycle.

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