Internet Dustup: Empty Six Bank Accounts to Buy Home

Fan Gang caused a stir by saying young couples should consider six bank accounts to buy a home: both of their parents, and all four sets of grandparents. Youthful netizens were not amused.

iFeng: 央行专家提"六个钱包买房" 为何戳中年轻人的心?
To be fair, since the individual media were taken out of context, the public’s original intention of Fan Gang was actually misunderstood. Looking back at the prevailing context, when the audience asks whether the young people want to buy a house, Fan Gang’s original intention is to say that “six wallets” are important indicators for measuring family conditions. If financial resources permit, they should make use of the mechanism of mortgage loans. If financial resources do not allow it, you should consider renting , and don't just "get in the car."

As an expert in real estate policy research, he called on young people to act in a decisive manner. Fan Gang's statement was in fact nothing wrong. However, under the circumstances where many young people are anxious about housing prices, Fan Gang’s speech just activated the public’s “angry point.”

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