Converged Starbucks Tumbles

American college campuses are incubators for the self-described "social justice warriors," of SJWs for short. Many students come out of college having learned nothing of value and often retard their own intelligence by "learning" things that just ain't so. The version running around corporate America today was hatched a decade or two ago. The freshly minted versions will bring such advanced concepts such as kicking all whites or males out of a company or maybe segregating the seating in McDonald's restaurants to make "safe spaces" for "people of color."

Starbucks (SBUX) provides a good warning for any company that doesn't want be run by the American version of Mao's Red Guards. It's hard to say when Starbucks became a fully converged company because the CEO Howard Schultz is sympathetic to their politics, but the company was clearly converged after it opened its bathrooms to the general public after a single manager at a single store called the cops on two (black) people waiting for a friend (he thought they were loitering). He also closed all Starbucks locations across America to have racial sensitivity (employee struggle sessions) in response to one manager making one bad decision.

SJWs aren't only a threat to corporate board rooms. They've savagely attacked Nobel Prize winners and attacked a European Space Agency engineer who helped land a space probe on a comet because he wore a Hawaiian shirt with girls in bikinis on it. They try to get people fired at work, they hunt for"thought criminals" online and form mobs to attack the companies that employ them. They try to take over any organization, be it a company, church or volunteer group, and turn it into a political organization in tune with whatever SJWs believe today (We have always been at war with Oceania). If you start a bowling club and welcome everyone who loves bowling, they will complain about the race and sex of the group, or ask what the group's position on some political issue of the day. They will start agitating for "social justice" and for the group to take a political stance with no relation to its original purpose. A good book for understanding their attack strategies and how to deal with them is SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police.

Converged institutions are not simply political. A solar manufacturer could be run by a very political CEO who talks a lot about politics, but if he or she spends all day focused on making cheaper and more efficient solar panels, it is not coverged. A converged company is one where the original goal becomes secondary to political and "social justice" goals. Starbucks became fully converged and it paid the price. An organization that has effectively ceased to exist because it did not defend itself from SJWS is the Boy Scouts.

There will be many shorting opportunities in the future because many companies are well on their way to becoming converged institutions. One example is Marvel comics, now a subsidiary of Disney: Forcing Political Correctness On Employees And Characters Is Killing Marvel Comics There will also be many opportunities to create profitable companies devoted to their core mission.

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