U.S. Big Stick Negotiating Won't Work on China

iFeng: 商务部:美方举着大棒谈判的手段对中国不管用
The United States is accustomed to holding big sticks to negotiate, but this does not apply to China. This irrational behavior is not conducive to solving problems.

Will make a strong response to the U.S. through comprehensive use of various measures including quantitative and qualitative tools

According to Gao Feng, if the United States introduces a so-called taxation list and adopts a method of distorting international trade and leads to unfair trade, the Chinese side is fully prepared to comprehensively use various measures including quantitative tools and quality tools. Make a strong response and firmly defend the interests of the country and the people.

The Sino-U.S. economic and trade consultations achieved results once, but the U.S.

The Spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce announced at the press conference on the 21st that on the basis of the consensus reached in Washington on May 19th, the two sides conducted specific consultations on agriculture and energy in Beijing in early June and were widely welcomed by all parties. It has been agreed that the manufacturing and service industries will conduct specific consultations in the near future, and at the same time conduct specific consultations on the structural issues of bilateral concern. The Chinese side believes that the previous consultations between the two parties are positive and constructive. They are in the interest of both peoples. They conform to the established rhythm of China’s reform and opening up and are in line with the principles of the WTO. However, it is deeply regrettable that the US is becoming more volatile and intensifying. To provoke a trade war, the Chinese side has to make a strong response. The United States is accustomed to holding the means of negotiating the big sticks, but this does not apply to China. This irrational behavior is not conducive to solving problems.

U.S. accuses China of theft of intellectual property rights is a serious distortion of reality

Gao Feng said that China’s position is consistent and clear. The U.S. threat to formulate a 200 billion U.S. dollar commodity taxation list is a practice of exerting extreme pressure and blackmail on trade protectionism. The misuse of taxation means by the United States and the provocation of a trade war in various parts of the world will seriously undermine the world trade order and harm the interests of its trading partners. It will also hurt the interests of its own businesses and people. This behavior is unpopular. The United States itself has a lot of structural problems, but it always treats other countries as scapegoats for its own problems and accuses others. The U.S. accuses China of stealing intellectual property rights and forcing technology transfer is a serious distortion of history and reality. In the process of China’s reform and opening up, many foreign companies proceeded from their own interests and developed good technical cooperation with Chinese companies. This is a typical form of market contract behavior, and foreign companies have received well-known and lucrative returns. The U.S. side blames these basic facts and accuses China of negating property rights and credit awareness, negating the spirit of the contract, and negating market laws.

No matter how the attitude of the US changes, China will respond calmly.

How will China-US economic and trade disputes develop in the future? Gao Feng said that the US’s fickleness is obvious to everyone. What I want to emphasize is that no matter how the attitude of the US changes, China will respond calmly. We will adhere to the established rhythm, persist in taking the people as the center, firmly push forward the reform and opening up, firmly advance the high-quality economic development, accelerate the construction of a modern economic system, and manage our own affairs well. China has a bright economic future and great potential for development. We are full of confidence.

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