GOP Can Sweep Midterms With Hardline Immigration

ZH: Bannon Says Trump "Will Run The Tables" In Midterms If He Does't Fold On DACA
Bannon said he opposes any immigration bill that provides a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients - and that Trump's support for the bill stems from a desire to be a "leader for the whole country": "If you support this bill… I think this is a way to potentially lose 50 seats [in the House], otherwise I think we run the tables."
Bannon is correct.

The media and the establishment have few good arguments for why millions of illegal aliens should be allowed to flow over the border. In the past couple of weeks, they've argued that domestic abuse and gang violence should qualify someone for asylum. Meanwhile, millions of Americans are victims of domestic abuse and gang violence, yet they have no asylum. They've defined asylum down from facing serious political repression under a hostile government to local crime and choosing the wrong spouse or lover. It's an absurd position that both exposes them as immigration extremists and is 180 degree out of step with social mood. Addendum: It's also absurd given than child welfare and domestic abuse laws separate children from their parents all the time, all over the USA. What's being done at the border is no different that how all American citizens are treated if they are only accused of violating the law. Children are taken out of homes with no evidence, sometimes a complaint is enough. At the border, illegal border crossers are being detained. None are claiming to be innocent of illegally crossing the border.

Devoid of a positive argument, the estbalishment is also reverting to pedophrasty.
Taleb defines pedophrasty:
There weren't photos, but Italy's new interior minister Matteo Salvini turned back a migrant ship with pregnant women and children. In the face of international pressure, he stood strong. The result is a solid majority support his action.

Social mood is turning more negative, making the public more in favor of immigration restrictions. Majorities of the public already wanted immigration restrictions years ago. When immigration restriction is offered to voters, they will vote for it. It is considered (by voters) the #1 problem in most European countries. Angela Merkel may lose her Chancellorship and end her political career this week because of the immigration issue.

The establishment's resort to pedophrasty reveals the weakness of their position. They can't defend their extremist immigration policies (policies that would be extreme for peak social mood) when the public mood is far, far removed from peak mood. They are selling gasoline to voters worried about a burning home. This is the panic before total defeat, if President Trump and Republicans choose to forge ahead. If it was President Trump's decision alone I might bet on him standing firm, but for the GOP overall, it is likely they will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. If they stand firm though, we will see a apoplectic media warn of a Democrat landslide in November. Then you will be able to load up on election bets and "clean house" in November.

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