Dutch Study Shows Diversity Lowers Economic Growth, Increases Crime, Increases Alienation

The chief economic policy of the Western establishment is mass immigration. In order to save social welfare and deeply indebted economies, it hopes more people will lead to more GDP. It also invented theories to explain how diversity will boost growth. This message is spread constantly in the press and countries that do not have mass immigration, such as Japan, are told to increase immigration for their own benefit.

The reality is the plan is a failure. It is 180 degrees at odds with reality.

A Dutch study is the latest to find diversity has either zero or a negative impact on economic growth, increases willingness to commit crime and reduces social cohesion.
De nieuwe verscheidenheid. Toenemende diversiteit naar herkomst in Nederland

These changes aren't simply the reactions of natives. They are true for all of society, including the immigrants.

Diversity and mass immigration are the main force propelling populists into power. The weak economy post-2008 is only adding fuel to the fire. Declining social mood since 2000 is not caused by diversity, but mood will fall far further than otherwise possible thanks to diversity. Alienation doesn't occur as natives vs the others, it is a sense of alienation from all of society. White Democrats and White Republicans in the USA who used to get along are increasingly polarized because diversity has caused a general sense of alienation for everyone. We are a long, long way from seeing peak polarization.The current period will be remembered as the good times.

Finally, Trump is the creation of the establishment. He can be defeated, but the forces propelling him to power cannot be unless the fundamentals are reversed. If he is defeated and his immigration policies aren't implemented, then another more powerful populist will take his place. The same is true in Italy, the UK, Germany, etc. The political establishment may think Trump, Brexit, AfD and 5-Star/Lega are lung cancer, but they are the ones doing the smoking. The establishment believes the solution to lung cancer is to go from 2 packs a day to 4 or 5 packs a day.

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