Mystery Booms in PA Caused by IED Testing?

CBS: Police Investigating Another Mysterious Explosion In Bucks County After Tractor Cutting Grass Strikes Device
Pennsylvania State Police say a Milford Township road crew member was cutting grass along Brick Tavern Road on Thursday when the tractor he was operating ran over the device, creating an approximately 1-foot-wide by 3-inch-deep crater.

The township worker was not hurt and there was no damage to the tractor.

“I’m very concerned, I’ve been concerned for a while,” said neighbor Lisa Bernstein.

Bernstein says she has called police numerous times in the past few months after hearing other explosions, usually between 1 and 4 in the morning.

...Police believe this incident is connected to other mysterious explosions that have been rattling Bucks and Lehigh Counties.

Authorities say more than 20 explosions during the early-morning hours are the reason for the booms happening in the area since April 2.

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