Chinese Millennial Travelers Put Golden Week Trips on Credit

EO: 十一黄金周旅游消费掀热潮 调查显示近半数人 “借钱”也要出去玩
"borrowing money" also has to go out to play

Compared with the past, early consumption is becoming more and more popular in travel.

If the money is not enough, will you still choose to travel during the holidays? In the 360 ​​survey, more than half (54.55%) of the respondents chose “no, wait until they have enough money to go”. However, as many as 42.43% of the population said, “It will be convenient to use various travel stages or to swipe credit cards and flowers.” In addition, 3.02% of the population chose to borrow money from friends.

In the interview, the reporter found that although some 90's generation wages were not high, their consumption was higher than those of the 70's and 80's generations. "In fact, it is just to buy and buy, and spent a total of several tens of thousands of dollars. They all brushed credit cards, or used flowers and other methods, and then slowly returned." Xiao Wang, born in 1995, told reporters. Xiao Wang belongs to the "moonlight family" and believes that young people should go out and take time to play, buy and buy.

Some 80s later believe that today's various types of consumer loans and installment products are very convenient to use. Even if they are not bad, they will choose this type of payment when they go out. "Deposits keep money, and most of them use credit cards when they spend." Ms. bluntly, but even if she lacks money, she will definitely not borrow money from her friends.

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