Most Important Part of the Kaisa Bankruptcy: What Will The Govt Do?

iFeng has a special report on the Kaisa bankruptcy: the government attitude is the key. The company has a very slim chance of ending the crisis without the Shenzhen govt allowing its projects to move forward. At least three financial institutions, including a bank, filed papers with the Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court to freeze Kaisa's assets on January 7. Institutions have moved to freeze 3 billion yuan in assets. Kaisa has more than 7 billion yuan in bank loans outstanding, and the total across up to 11 or more banks may reach 14 billion yuan.

iFeng: 佳兆业深陷危局 政府态度成关键

Wall Street Info: 佳兆业140亿债务已“兵临城下”
And on January 8 in the evening, the reporter learned from the message of Personnel, currently apply to the court for pre-trial preservation of property, seizure Kaisa Shenzhen assets in financial institutions, has been more than three total property preservation application of one of the city firm , to reach 3.0 billion.

According to Kaisa interim report in 2014 revealed that in its business with financial institutions, there are six banks. As of June 30, 2014, a total of 7.226 billion yuan Kaisa bank loans.

Been affected by the financial institutions, far above six banks. "First Financial Daily" reporters found that the financial institutions involved, probably at least 11, involving an amount or up to 140 billion yuan.

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