Trust Funding Gone, PBOC Defends Yuan

China Property Agony Deepens as Trust-Loan Lifelines Cut
Issuance of property-related products, which channel money from wealthy individual investors, tumbled 62 percent from a year earlier to 38.5 billion yuan ($6.2 billion) in the fourth quarter, data compiled by research firm Use Trust show. Builders must repay 241 billion yuan of trusts in 2015, up from 178 billion yuan last year. Kaisa, which missed a bond coupon payment this month, failed to repay a 2.5 billion yuan trust last week, people familiar with the matter said.

China Switches to Supporting Yuan as Outflows Mount
After more than a decade of curbing the currency’s gains to help turn the nation into a manufacturing colossus, there are signs the People’s Bank of China is now propping up the yuan to stem an exodus of capital that’s threatening the economy.

A gauge of capital flows on the PBOC’s balance sheet fell by the most since 2003 last month in a sign it’s selling foreign currency, while the yuan’s reference rate set daily by policy makers is at its strongest-ever level compared with the market price.

Flashback to June 2014: Real Estate Trust Problem Stretches into 2015; Too Early To Say No Crisis
The trusts, which channel money from wealthy individuals to smaller builders that have trouble obtaining financing elsewhere, must repay 203.5 billion yuan ($32.7 billion) in 2015, according to Use Trust, a Chinese research firm. That’s almost double the 109 billion yuan due this year. New issuance of the products slumped to 40.7 billion yuan this quarter, the least in more than two years, Use Trust data show.

November 2014: Trust Apocalypse Averted in 2014

As for the yuan and PBOC reserves, one or the other is set to tumble.


  1. I would think longer term for overall Chinese housing this is excellent news. It will slow down construction. Sure, some smaller builders will be pinched but aren't there too many builders to begin with. Love to see this news.

  2. You'll like this one too: the housing area under construction collapsed by 30% for two straight months.

  3. Excellent. That is what SHOULD be happening. True, some smaller developers will get squeezed out.