Property Tax System Slowly Rolling Forward

Local citizens poured into the tax bureau's offices to learn about the real estate tax. People were worried due to rules about a 20% capital gains tax, as it was found than nearly 1,000,000 homes have been passed to immediate family members for a price of 500 yuan. People are also unclear on how long the tax bureau has to collect taxes.

Main takeaway: real estate taxes are still coming, but it will take time to work out the kinks and that could delay full implementation, especially in smaller cities.

iFeng:地方房产新政实施 近百万房产以500元成交

Another article says, if you have to dump a house (to avoid being registered), dump it soon: 不动产登记条例将实施 业内:该抛的早抛了

This article discussed some of the many problems involved, such as inter-departmental cooperation (aka bureaucratic turf wars). Sina: 不动产登记艰难破题多人忧落地难 为房产税打基础

Cross-sectoral areas of unified real estate registration, under the current system will inevitably involve departmental interests and other issues, how to make the "Regulations" implemented more smoothly, more circles accepted policy to avoid hard landing situation, a lot of people worried about the problem

...President of Beijing Institute of Primus Bing Luquan full line of commercial real estate in the "legal" reporter believes that real estate is not just about the issue uniform registration of personal property, but also has an important property holders in the future be included in the entire credit system significance.

  "In addition, the current stock of real estate database established to promote the role, after find out the ins and outs can be instructive for future urban development data to form." Bing Luquan, said the reason why it is difficult to implement the relevant policies, there are technical factors and two major barriers to human factors: First, the need to access the unified technology platform, which will take some time; the second is everyone's awareness and cooperation of the problem, in order to complete the policy popular in the short term, there is a certain degree of difficulty.

  Bing Luquan basis that, after the promulgation of the system, the need for a longer grace period, can not be done overnight in a short time, for a second-tier cities, the majority of the information and the underlying database platform more complete, might be relatively easy to implement, The four-tier cities will need a relatively long process.
Unfortunately, the fourth-tier cities are most in need of property taxes because their land sales have dried up.

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