Germany's Slow Motion Deflation

Germany is crushing its economy with higher energy costs as a result of a push into expensive alternative energy. The result is a drop in carbon emissions thanks to an economic slowdown.

Germany makes slow but steady progress towards ambitious climate goals
Likewise, renewables' increased share combined with slight falls in gas and coal generation in 2014 helped Germany's power-sector emissions to fall for the first time in four years, as this chart shows:

...But while the sector's emissions are falling, they are not declining quickly enough to hit Germany's goal of reducing the country's overall emissions by 40 per cent by 2020. To hit that target, Germany needs to cut an additional 62 to 78 million tonnes of carbon dioxide across the economy by the end of the decade.

It could be a few years before these policies are ended, but eventually they will end because, as with immigration, the people will revolt.

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