Fastest Way to Reduce Housing Inventory: Bulldoze Shantytowns

Following on the heels of MoH Plan To Reduce Housing Inventory: Buy Houses And Rent Them Out, the MoH is now suggesting cities speed up the bulldozing of shanytowns by moving the people into already constructed housing.

The main part from the article:
Deputy Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Qi Ji told the "Economic Daily" reporters, vigorously promote the transformation of shantytowns monetized resettlement, organizing residents to purchase homes, or purchased by the government for resettlement. Guidance supervise commercial housing in many cities, officially launch support measures for converting commercial housing into resettlement housing, and promote an effective combination of the commercial housing inventory with shantytown redevelopment.

iFeng: 住建部支持商品房转安置房

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