Beijing Homes Sales Start Strong, Existing Sales 6.6 Times New

released data show that as of January 27, Beijing this month, new houses and existing housing contract volume was 3165 units and 20916 sets. With the beginning of cold weather in stark contrast to the warm winter Beijing real estate market has continued to the end of January, the results are at record levels. Industry forecasts, in the central repeatedly stressed to the inventory trend, is expected to further policy easing, high turnover last year, a large number of land after another into the market, the Beijing real estate market can be expected to return to a high level.

..."From the beginning this year, the property market can be seen in the case of Beijing, less supply, the higher end of the market down trend is gradually stable, high-end projects this year, Beijing will continue to increase the proportion of transactions likely, while new housing began to shift to the suburbs , the same location of residential transactions compared to the previous two years, there have been significant relocation. "Centaline Dawei, chief analyst said, 500 million to 10 million high-end new homes, for example, in 2013 the proportion of transactions within the Fifth Ring of 56.4 %, while the proportion dropped to 30% last year, this year the proportion may be further compressed. In addition, second-hand housing turnover continued to outpace new house heat has also become a new mainstream, "Of course, the rise in price of secondary housing still can not catch up with a new house." Dawei said.
iFeng: 北京楼市开门红 二手房成交量为新房6.6倍

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