Yu Pingkang: GDP Growth to Slow to 6.5%

First a comment on high home prices:
From the perspective of a Mai Tanweng him to talk about the Chinese economy, he pointed out that including himself and the younger generation, 80,90, or even 70, in the case of house prices continue to rise, especially in the city center has reached a high level, Many young people may work for a lifetime career in general can not afford. Ten years ago to the United States, most regret is the time now to leave China more than a dozen years ago, not much to buy several houses, come back later I found a never afford. He became a real proletarian and staunch communist warrior.
He says without stimulus China's growth rate will slow to about 6.5%:
Now we see the data, the economy began to pick up in the fourth quarter, but the next year will decline in the first quarter will decline in the second quarter also fell, down to which extent is it, if the efforts to ensure growth does not rise again, will down 6.5%, if, as the 2008 fourth quarter, again a four trillion, demand had changed. Under the existing policy efforts if the delay to the third quarter of this year will short-term stabilization, and then look to the future, depending on whether the structural reforms can really go forward.
iFeng: 专家:2016中国经济增长率将降至6.5%左右

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