E House 2016 Forecast: Home Prices Rise 7%, Land Prices Rise 10%

Considering bifurcation is expected, that's double-digit growth for first-tier.
n volume continued to rise at the same time, prices have also been affected. The report predicts that in 2016 the national real estate transaction price continued to rise, the annual increase of about 7%. The main reasons, along with further easing of taxation, monetary and credit policy environment and property, housing turnover grow steadily, most cities inventory pressure decreases, the supply and demand relationship is conducive to improving housing prices; the second is price changes lag in turnover, 2016 volume slowdown, price increases will be basically flat, will be higher than the volume growth and the like.

However, the differentiation between the different areas will continue. In the first-tier cities and some second-tier cities prices continue to firm up the core, while the majority of four-tier cities under inventory pressure to adjust prices to accelerate to the inventory.
Real estate investment growth expected to rebound to 4%.
The report predicts that in 2016 the national real estate investment growth stabilized rebound, but the range is limited, the year is expected an increase of about 4%.
Take place in context, in 2016 the land market will bounce back, to achieve positive growth, the land area is expected to increase turnover of around 8%. This is because in 2015 the overall real estate market rebound, sales steadily recovering, Days sales outstanding increased significantly, housing fund situation has improved; in 2015 the housing market mild rebound, affected sales in good condition, the urgent need to increase land reserve housing prices, We do prepare for the subsequent development; in addition, in 2015 the amount of land acquisition fell significantly, resulting in a low base period value.

The report predicts that in 2016 the average purchase price of the land will be further expanded growth, the annual growth of around 10%.
iFeng: 报告称今年房价将再涨7% 地价涨10%

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