More Cash Shortages: Beijing

WSJ: Chinese Consumers Race to Buy Dollars as Yuan Slides
During the weekend, ICBC received an urgent notification from China’s central bank warning of a dollar shortage, he said. The tight supply means ICBC customers applying to change yuan for dollars on Tuesday have to wait four days to complete the transaction, rather than the normal one day, he said.
If you have dollars, you can always hold them:
James Mao, who runs a Shanghai-based company that exports biochemical materials from China to the U.S., says he is asking Chinese suppliers to wait for a few days to get paid, since he thinks he can get more yuan for those dollars later.

Exporters are required to sell the foreign currency they obtain from trade to the central bank, but there are no rules on when the transaction needs to be done. So far this month, Mr. Mao says he pocketed an extra $2,000 by waiting longer to convert his dollars to yuan.
Or keep the dollars in Hong Kong and never exchange them.

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