JD Discounts Apple Again

Apple products are on sale at Jing Dong (JD.com).

ZH: Cupertino, We Have A Problem: China's JD.Com Just Cut Prices On Apple Products By 17%
Five months later, Tim Cook was forced to finally admit the truth when on last night's conference call he said that "we began to see some signs of economic softness in Greater China earlier this month, most notably in Hong Kong."

...According to Brightwire, one of China's top online vendors, JD.com, has just cut the prices of Apple products by "as much as 17% in sale ahead of Chinese New Year" or precisely the time when there should be no need for heavy discounting.

As Brightwire adds, "JD.com cut prices of Apple products on the internet marketplace by as much as 17%, according to information on the JD website. Customers can also purchase Apple products in 12 monthly installments with no interest charges and no downpayment."

Here's the JD site with the discounts that last until February 5: Apple产品 年终盛典. There's a chart showing JD prices for the iPad Air, showing this isn't the first discount, but it is the lowest price this year.

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