Chinese Herd Looking for Return of Capital

Back in 2014 and early 2015 there was talk of a stock market rally because money would flee the property market. Then there was talk of a bond bubble as money fled the bond market. Now that the stock market is tumbling again, there's talk of money flowing back into property.
January 7, A shares opened two days in four years, "fuse", leading to the market value of seven trillion evaporate rapidly. Few people concerned, A-share market, "fuse", has long been a sign. January 6, 吕琪 solemnly Deputy Director Societe Generale Global Fund accounts Investment Tip: advise clients to redeem, a high probability I managed products can not make money this year.

Indeed door black, is not limited to A shares, including the Dow Jones index, including the world's major markets appear to open the door black, four days the market value of the global market has evaporated $ 2 trillion. George Soros (George Soros) in today's conversation, said, "The global market is facing a crisis, investors need to be very cautious."

Strong liquidity in the stock market, it is clear enough to become investors hedging ground. Market rumors, the pursuit of a relatively low investment risk and high-yield investment institutions began, the eye again eye on real estate tier urban core areas, the overall acquisition program.

Compared to the demand, a serious shortage of the current line of high-end residential supply. Moreover, only tens of billions of dollars, we can through the whole acquisition of Shanghai's high-end residential property, the right to speak to master the price, eventually became an influential person market, which has a very strong attraction to any funds.

iFeng: 开年四次“熔断”的惊天内幕 资金转向楼市?

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