More Than 60 Cities Now Directly Subsidizing Home Buyers and Real Estate

Around the market "to stock" actions, taxation, monetary policy has become a common means. Promote off-site loans, raising the loan amount, to extend the loan period, relax ...... these extraction conditions favorable policies to buyers in many places has become fund the New Deal "standard." Some cities choose direct subsidies given to buyers.
There are all sorts of plans, various ways to funnel money into the sector, including changing the use of the property to rentals, public rentals, and commercial space, often with tax subsidies:
Many provinces and positive efforts to cultivate the rental market, or the stock of commercial housing into tourism or retirement real estate, entrepreneurial workshops and so on.

For example, Jiangxi encourage qualified real estate development companies will hold their stock listings to social rent, lease development and establishment of an integrated mode of operation, and to encourage large-scale leasing companies without affecting the structural safety of buildings premise of the housing dwelling size structure to be adjusted to meet the needs of small and medium size rental.

Fujian enterprises to invest in the purchase of rental housing stock, rental management services for enterprises within three years of the business tax, property tax, income tax shall be appropriately rewarded. Shandong clear that the real estate leasing as a key industry to nurture, encourage rental housing property management companies run business, organizations and institutions in order to allow the settlement of leasing office space gap.

Inner Mongolia also suggested that commercial housing stock in large units more areas can be transformed into a large residential units suitable for enterprises and institutions to support public rental, business students need public rental housing, and included in the scope of government subsidies.

It is worth noting that in some places still with the trend of "public entrepreneurship and innovation," the inventory of commercial housing into entrepreneurship workshop or record passenger space.
That might work in areas with overbuilt residential housing, but not areas already overbuilt with commercial office space and industrial parks.

Then there are the straight subsidies:
Sichuan Meishan City of qualified buyers, who buy less than 144 square meters within the city of new commodity housing, can enjoy the subsidy of 500 yuan per square meter; Hangzhou Fuyang District education subsidies according to the buyers, the higher the degree of the more subsidies for full-time undergraduate education buyers, mortgage subsidy of 1.5%, the maximum not more than 30,000 yuan; Anyang City, Henan Province, the local residents to purchase an ordinary commodity housing within the city limits, you can directly enjoy twenty thousand yuan housing subsidies; housing subsidies in accordance with the Lianjiang County in Fujian Province, "an area gradient" principle, residents purchased less than 60 square meters of commercial housing, subsidies for 12,000 yuan each, 60 to 100 square meters, each 22,000 yuan subsidy.
iFeng: 60多个城市直接补贴购房者 多为三四线城市

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