PBoC Research Chief: High Speed Rail for GDP

iFeng: 央行姚余栋:研究表明中国可重新把高速铁路网修一遍
After two years of real estate down, a slight rebound after bottoming out. The probability of bottoming becomes negative growth is relatively small. Stabilize the real estate once other natural stabilized, fixed infrastructure was maintained at 20%. Research shows that Chinese infrastructure can also be re-repair the high-speed rail network again, can be done completely integrated railway hub, China is now the railway density is not enough.

Earlier in the week he said the renminbi may appreciate.

Caixin: 【后危机时期经济增长和金融发展研讨会】姚余栋:人民币可能升值
 "As the global liquidity shortages, the dominant currency appreciation of RMB in fact is a strong currency, the renminbi world economy much-needed liquidity make the yuan might appreciate."

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