New Regulations Lower Mortgage Lending

iFeng: 监管部门要求控制房贷总量 做到月度增量环比下降
Reporters from the latest number of banks was informed by stakeholders, regulators differential housing credit policy for personal housing mortgage loans has not changed, but more stressed before the lenders verify the authenticity of information, while the payment of the amount of personal housing mortgage loans on the requirements to achieve incremental monthly decline. That November, compared with October of incremental housing loans is lower than in October compared with September increased volume, and so on.

Insiders said the respondents, one of the major banks will continue to be regarded as personal housing mortgage loans to retail strategy. Next, the bank will force the consumer credit, the focus of high-quality state-owned enterprises, private enterprises quality, excellent listed companies and good growth of SMEs, to seize the opportunity "along the way" the construction of the national strategy.

Previously, regulators held a conference on housing commercial bank credit, requiring commercial banks to rational treatment of the property market, strengthen housing credit management, control-related credit risk.

A source close to the regulators said the bank needs to prevent excessive expansion of the real estate credit. Banks should focus on the aging population, the future of the credit crunch, real estate prices, "gathered in the head" of possible scenarios, prospectively proper risk monitoring, stress testing and risk management, "rainy day" to further increase the provision and enhancement capital.

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