Real Estate: Second Wave of Policy Tightening Arrives

iFeng: 楼市调控第二波:杭州、武汉、深圳升级调控政策
November 14 evening, Wuhan City housing security and the Housing Authority official website "Municipal People's Government on further promote the sustainable and healthy development of the city's real estate market is stable and opinions." "Opinion" is introduced to implement the national real estate market macro-control requirements, further promote the sustainable development of the city's real estate market is stable and healthy.

"Opinions" to strengthen the credit limit the purchase of housing measures. The purchase of credit limit in the range of riverbank, Jianghan, Qiaokou, Hanyang, Wuchang and other main city of Wuhan.

For Wuhan residence households, in the main city of the first suite (including new housing and second-hand housing) apply for first home minimum down payment of 30%, second home down payment for ordinary commercial housing is 50%; the minimum down payment ratio for second homes of non-ordinary housing is 70%. Already own two or more houses in the above areas, cannot buy another.

...On the same day, Shenzhen also adjust the housing provident fund loans down payment ratio, as workers paid into the fund family name no room in Shenzhen, use the public loan funds to buy the first home, down payment minimum of 30%; if already own a home, tapping the fund again requires a minimum down payment of 70%.
Hangzhou is also tightening policy along similar lines.

Industry insiders fear the change market trends will accelerate now that the strictest control policies ever are in force.

iFeng: 楼市遭遇史上最严调控 四季度楼市变化来了!

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