Regulators Swoop in as 20pc of Futures Accounts Suffer Historic Losses

iFeng: 部分期货公司被调查 20%账户单日亏损超历史极值
Today, commodity futures and collapse. Climb high fall hard from early differentiation trend once again turning a large area of diving, Black commodity fall most miserable. At the close, hot rolled, thread, iron , glass all four commodities benchmark contract closed in the daily limit. Coke, coking coal and Zheng also a substantial correction, decreases of 8.56%, 5.92% and 3.49%.

Today, November 15, when the night of the disc, the domestic futures market opening night disc Black, non-ferrous metals continued to fall, iron ore, fell 6.65%, down 4.4% steel, hot rolled coil fell 3.73%, copper, tin and Shanghai fell nearly 3 %.

...An individual investor with 10 years of commodity futures trading experience, said the afternoon of November 14, after the close that he received a number of phone calls from futures companies warning, "they will be regulatory investigations, remind me not to have any illegal positions. "
According to reports, 66 percent of accounts lost money on November 14, with 20 percent losing the maximum amount possible, shattering the record.

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