Beijing Lifts Unspoken Price Limit Sparking Talk of Easing

Beijing has an unspoken rule that a development with a starting price above 80,000 yuan per sqm will not receive pre-sale permits. This week a property with a 95,000 yuan price was approved, sparking speculation that real estate controls are easing. However, this property is located in an area where the average prices is around 100,000 yuan per sqm. The article goes through several other reasons why controls are not being lifted.
It is said that this year Beijing issued a pre-sale permit, there is an unwritten rule, commodity residential pre-sale price of not more than 80,000 yuan per square meter, higher than this price will not send pre-sale permit.

And now Beijing Construction Committee issued three more than 80,000 projects, specifically for Fengtai China Xi residential pre-sale price of up to 96023 yuan / ㎡, Jinmao House residential pre-sale price of 95,000 yuan / ㎡, Kunlun domain residential pre-sale price Up to 95,705 yuan / ㎡.

Because of this, resulting in a lot of people panic, that the government to relax regulation, housing prices have to rise, and then follow the other cities with the help of the same straw, hype local regulation is about to relax.

Cherry small house worried that we were misled, so just like the real estate circles in Beijing to understand the situation, to listen to.
iFeng: 北京8万以上楼盘放行取消限价?圈内人说出了真实内幕

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