Greater Beijing Housing Market Still Cooling

iFeng: 楼市降到冰点 房价暴跌20% 业主降价抛售房产
And this phenomenon is the property market, particularly in Beijing and Beijing city ring, the most prominent of which, Beijing property market cooling significantly, it is already evident to all, and today to mention is Yanjiao and Gu'an these two cities!

From atrial world network released statistics show that today's Yanjiao real estate website views, the worst drop is already down by about 80%. And since Beijing's most stringent regulation promulgated 3.17, in particular upgrade purchase of the policy, resulting in Yanjiao existing home prices plummeted over 20 percent to 25,000 yuan per square.

And Gu'an aspects, according to statistics data show that in two years, house prices quadrupled, from 6740 yuan per square meter to 27,000 yuan per square meter, or even serious already exceeded 30,000 yuan per square . However, the same since Beijing's most stringent regulation, prices are plummeting, 20,000 yuan per square houses, and nobody is interested!

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