Housing Market Sentiment Turns Bearish

Home sales fell broadly in July according to initial reports. The top 100 developers saw sales drop 39 percent from June.

iFeng: 7月份房企销售业绩普遍下降

Guangzhou sales rise 10 percent

iFeng: 7月网贷成交量环比上涨超10%

29 first-, second- and third-tier cities see sales fall 26 percent yoy. Sales area fell 9 percent, almost 60 percent of cities declined.

iFeng: 7月中国29城楼市成交同比降26% 一二三线城市均下滑

E-House warns real estate valuation distortions at 70 percent of Japanese 1990 peak

iFeng: 易居报告:一线房产泡沫相当于1990年日本都市圈的70%

House flippers start dumping property, eating 500,000 yuan losses as focus becomes return OF capital

iFeng: 房价真的会跌回一年前?部分炒房者亏50万抛售

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