Beijing, Shenzhen Home Sales Rebound to 14 and 3 Month Highs

iFeng: 北京楼市成交创14个月新高 深圳连升3个月
Data show that in May, Beijing sold a total of 18,096 sets of second-hand housing units, hitting a new high of 14 months, with an average of more than 580 units per day; it was the month after the implementation of the “317” New Deal. If we add the 3,248 new homes sold, in May, Beijing sold an average of 688 homes a day.

Not only in Beijing, but also in Shanghai. Since the relevant data on second-hand housing in Shanghai has not yet been released, let's take a look at the new housing market.

Shanghai Centaline Property Data shows that in May, Shanghai's new commercial housing (new homes) traded an area of ​​549,000 square meters, an increase of 18.6%, the transaction reached an eight-month high.

Shenzhen's new homes fell by 58 yuan/ping from the previous month after falling for 20 consecutive months. The overall turnover of a second-hand home rose steadily, and sold an average of nearly 300 houses a day.

A total of 2,564 new houses were sold in Shenzhen, and the volume of second-hand housing continued to rise. A total of 6,683 sets of second-hand housing transactions were sold, which rose for three consecutive months.

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